Variable vane pump The process of annual maintenance of mechanical equipment in hydraulic systems

1. It is more economical to perform regular maintenance and service checks on hydraulic systems than to repair them after a fault occurs. It is recommended that after a certain working period, regular preventive maintenance be performed on the system and important sealing materials should be replaced regularly. To prevent omissions, it is recommended to perform maintenance procedures according to the direction of oil flow:

1.1 Oil tank: The oil level must be correct and the oil must be of the specified type and have the appropriate viscosity. For large systems, regular oil sample analysis can be performed to confirm whether the oil can continue to be used.

1.2 Oil suction pipeline: Damage and severe bending must be checked, which will reduce the diameter of the oil pipe and become a source of noise.

1.3 Oil pump: Check shaft seals and other oil leaks.

1.4 Pressure oil pipe: Different oil lines at the pressure end should be checked one by one along the direction of oil flow, and there should be no leaks.

1.5 Control part: Mainly check the leakage at the valve interface.

1.6 Oil return pipeline and oil filter: Their leakage should be checked, and the filter must be checked. If there is no pollution indication, the filter needs to be taken out and checked to see if it needs to be cleaned or replaced.

1.7 Actuator: Leakage needs to be checked.

1.8 Accessories and accessories: Check working condition.

1.9 Electrical part: Check the connection of the motor wiring part regularly.

Post time: Jan-16-2024