power steering pump (Assist the driver to adjust the direction of the truck)

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Power Steering  Pump is the power source of automobile steering, is the heart of the steering system, the role of booster pump: 1, can help the driver to play the steering wheel very well, hydraulic power steering wheel, electronic power steering wheel can be turned with only one finger, and the car without a booster pump can be turned with two hands; 2, so the booster pump is set to reduce driving fatigue, it drives the steering gear to work, now are intelligent power, the car stopped in place steering wheel light, driving the middle steering wheel heavy; 3, it is a group of gear mechanism to complete the rotary movement to the linear movement, but also the deceleration transmission device in the steering system, mainly has blades, gear type, plunger blade, gear type, type and so on.

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power steering pump
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